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SORRY, did someone say FREE try lacrosse? 

Yes, yes we did.

Our 2024 Try Lacrosse has wrapped up for the season! Thank you to everyone who joined us for these sessions. Try Lacrosse won't be back till next year, but don't fret, the 2024 season is final here! Register now for an action-packed season of fun. 


Free try lacrosse is a great opportunity to learn and try lacrosse without having to commit to a season and having to pay! This opportunity is for youth ages 6-18 and for both new and returning players.



Try lacrosse is a session that focuses on getting back to basics. With the help of our awesome coaches and volunteers, we help each player understand the game and unlock each person's individual skills. 

So I guess you are wondering when and where? Well currently our sessions are on hold until the 2024 season is completed. Stay tuned for the next round of Try Lacrosse sessions.



What equipment should I bring? 

A helmet, gloves, a stick, a mouth guard, jersey or pinny, gym shorts and gym shoes. 

*If you do not have access to a stick, a stick can be borrowed from the league at the time of the session

Can I play with a friend? 

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to bring a buddy to come and try lacrosse. Returning players are highly encouraged to bring out friends who have never played before! 

Get your name on the list

We try to make the registration as easy as possible, but in order to ensure we have proper registration we have implemented a new process on how to get registered for Try Lacrosse.

1. Check the 'Age Chart' to find out what age group your registrant belongs to.

2. Click the registration button below and complete the mandatory fields to get yourself on the waitlist.

3. Once that is completed and there is a spot - you will be provided with the next registration step and location for the session. We do this to ensure that we have an adequate amount of space and coaches to ensure the best experience possible! 

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