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It's all about that competitive edge... or well in this case competitive ice


What is the "ICE" Program?

Over the years TBLL has seen some very talented lacrosse players (we are even proud to say some have moved on to play university and college level lacrosse all over North America). In 2003, TBLL decided that we needed to provide our athletes with different programming - something a little more competitive.  With all our love for the game, the talent and dedication of both our volunteers and players, ICE Lacrosse was forged. Throughout the years, TBLL has had a number of successful women's and men's ICE teams. We continue to look forward to producing the next generation of ICE players. 

ICE is a REP or "Competitive" team that requires additional time, dryland, and potential travel commitments. The ICE program and its coaches aim to develop players basic skills and understanding of the game. 

competitive play.jpg
Competitve play 1.jpg
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