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Have equipment questions?

We are here to help! 

It can sometimes be a bit confusing when trying to find what is best for your new player (or even the returning player!)

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So, what is the required equipment?

Good news, a majority of hockey equipment is allowed to be used for lacrosse! This makes accessing equipment a bit easier but if you need any help trying to locate equipment, please let us know. 

Here is the list, from head to toe!  

Helmet - A hockey helmet is allowed, however as per ola guidelines the facemask must not allow the end of a stick or ball must not be able to make contact with the players face)

Mouth guard 

Chest protector - Hockey chest protectors are permitted. 

Elbow pads - Hockey Elbow pads are permitted. 

Arm Guards - We recommend purchasing these for extra protection. Arm guards sit above the elbow guards and below the chest protector flap, protecting the bit of exposed arm.

Kidney Belt -Mandatory for local league and competitive play (also just an overall important piece of equipment - we recommend hard plastic over any soft material kidney belts!) 

Jock or Jill 
Gloves -
 While lacrosse gloves are recommended due to their thinner more flexible design, hockey gloves are a good option.

Lacrosse Stick - Unfortunately, your hockey stick won't cut it for this, so you will need to grab a lacrosse stick! See the above diagram for the OLA requirement on stick size. (Need your new or old stick strung?  Be sure to email our Director of Coaching, Emmitt Macfarlane, as he offers stick stringing for a fee!)

Athletic Clothing - Gym shorts and good running shoes (it's the fastest game on two feet, which means there is a bit of running!)

We at TBLL get it more than anyone, that finding lacrosse equipment in the depths of Northern Ontario can be hard. With only a few local options, we have put together a pretty good list of some of our favourite vendors! Ranging from all North America, we are sure one of these vendors will have what you are looking for. 

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