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Annual General Meeting


The Thunder Bay Lacrosse League will hold their Annual General Meeting on Monday, October 23, 2017. It will take place at Confederation College in Room C214 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. All are welcome to attend.

Schedule Information

The following are the official online sources of information for the Thunder Bay Lacrosse League

Website address:
twitter: @thunderbaylax
facebook: Thunder Bay Lacrosse

During the busy lacrosse season, players, parents and family want and need to know what, when and where things are happening and be able to readily access this information. Our league website, is the official schedule of all league activities including games, floor time, practices etc. and is updated as information becomes available. It provides several ways for users to access the schedule information so that you can choose one or more of the methods that suit your needs.

The following methods are available for accessing team schedules.

Using a Browser

Navigate to the home page.
There is a red navigation bar at the top of the page. Clink on the 'Teams' link to display a list of divisions and teams. Select a team to go to that team's page. Ensure that Regular Season 2017 is selected in the drop down (top right). The team home page shows a small calendar of the next 5 days or by clicking the View All link you can open it in a monthly calendar view.

Information for two additional methods can also be found on the team's home page. They are the Team Id number located in the upper right (for use with the sportsengine app) and the iCal link (for use with calendar programs).


iCal subscriptions can be used with most calendar programs on either phones, tablets or computers. Clicking the iCal link on the team page will provide the link to be added for that specific team to your calendar program of choice.

Sports Engine app
The website is hosted on the Sports Engine platform and they also provide a free app to use (available on iTunes, Google etc.) Once you have downloaded the SportsEngine app you can select the favorites tab at the bottom and then the looking glass icon at the top to search for your team. Enter the numeric Team Id listed on the team's home page in the upper right corner (e.g. Bantam Knighthawks Team Id is 1421750) and then click on the star to add your team. More than one team can be added to your favorites.


Follow us on Twitter

The Thunder Bay Lacrosse League is now on Twitter!


We have a new Twitter account!

Follow us at @thunderbaylax to keep current on all the action of the Thunder Bay Lacrosse League no matter where you are. We'll be tweeting information about events including registration, clinics, evaluations and drafts as well as all of the game results throughout the season.

Click on the image above to head over to our Twitter page where you can follow us or if you already have a Twitter account simply text ON @thunderbaylax to 21212 on your smartphone to start following us!

Stay Connected!

Stay in sync this season with team schedules in one of the following ways...

- Follow the links on this site to any division and team to see their schedule of events.

- Team calendars have iCal links which can be easily added to your favourite calendar program on your computer or smartphone.

- Use the SportNGIN app and follow your favourite team or teams.